Changes to this website

I have decided that I want to use this website not only for notes taking – which quite honestly never really happened – but write about what I do. While this includes some of the computer science stuff that is here already, it will open up the variety of things a little bit.

So: what to expect?
Well: I don’t know for sure, yet. But it will be closer to what you can find on my twitter.

Computer Science and High Performance Computing

This part, which was the only thing I considered for now, will still be here. Most of this is also relevant for my daytime job and my research.
Actually, I want to increase this to not only little notes that helped me from time to time but to what I do. Also, I figured it can be interesting to provide pointers to some other great work of people that I work or just some other tools that I find helpful and enjoy.

Hence, I will probably introduce a *software* section (or tag) that includes (research) software that I use, enjoy, develop, want to promote, etc.


I also enjoy doing sports quite a bit, and decided that I am going to share some of what I do on this website as well. This probably includes some links to training data as well as gear that I use. No false expectations here: I’m not nearly as much of an athlete as I would like to be. But I do some sports and want to share some of my experiences.

Other free-time activities

Finally, I’ll also add some other free-time activities. I have a couple of very, very easy woodwork things on my list that I may share little stories of. However, this will be (I guess) the smallest part of what I add to the website.

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