Monitor with source code and microphone.

I’m on twitch with computer science content on Wednesdays and Thursdays, and occasionally with some fun stuff on Sundays or Mondays. Come catch me over there if you’re curious!

Wednesday — Programmierttwoch

This is my live-programming during which I work on some of the open-source software tools I develop. These are currently mainly PIRA and MetaCG. These streams are meant to be interactive chatting, while programming, so please ask questions, I really appreciate them and love to explain what I do. Obviously, I am also open to suggestions, if people have other ideas for how to implement something or achieve a certain goal.
While the stream defaults to German, I can switch to English any time, if people prefer it.

The stream starts at around 9pm CET and usually ends between 11pm and midnight.

Thursday — Tool Thursday

As the title suggests, this is all about tools. However, the format is less educational in the sense that I present something I know, but it is me trying out something that I have on my list for things to try out.
Thus, the stream consists of (i) me walking through a tool’s Getting Started documentation, and then (ii) see if I can achieve what I think the tool can do for me on a minimal working example. The example will usually be a boiled-down version of a real use-case I have. As an example, consider the meson build system as something I want to try. As an example use case I would consider a “Hello world” that uses a C++ library and links against Clang/LLVM.

Just like my programming stream on Wednesday, this is meant to be as interactive as possible, since I know that for many tools, there are people on the internet that know much better how to use them than I do.

The stream starts at around 9.30pm CET and ends at around 11pm CET.

Sunday / Monday — FunDay

If I feel like it, I stream on these days non-computer science stuff. Most likely it will be related with the SimRacing game Assetto Corsa Competizione, or with more relaxing games like Cities: Skylines.
If you are curious, it is easiest to follow me on twitter and look for announcements over there.